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The Avro Arrow Home Page: keeping the memory alive

The page dedicated to the collection

and dissemination of Avro Arrow Information

... Since 1995


What is the Avro Arrow?

The Avro Arrow was a twin engine, supersonic interceptor developed in the late 1950's by the Avro Aircraft company of Malton, Ontario, Canada. The Arrow was the follow on to Avro's first military design, the highly succesful CF-100 Canuck, a twin engine all weather interceptor sold to the Royal Canadian Air Force (600+) and to Belgium (53).

The Avro company had whet its teeth building the C.102 Jetliner (the first jet airliner to fly in North America), the CF-100 Canuck, and the AvroCar.


Why did I Make This Page

I have been enthralled with the Avro Arrow since my father told me of its development when I was young. Since the concept of Canadians excelling in a technological area seems to be an oxymoron to many people, the quest to not let the memory of the Arrow die has become a passion of mine.

Canadians, as a people, must support the development of new products, and technological achievements, and we must not let the follies that led to the cancellation of the Arrow happen again.

Over the past few years there has been a resurgence of interest in the Arrow. The miniseries broadcast on the CBC and other news specials has fueled debate and sparked interest regarding the Arrow. The Avro Arrow home page has been there as a source of information throughout. The page was created, and exists, for the free dissemination of technical and enthusiast information regarding the Avro Arrow. I hope you find what you are looking for... If not, let me know, maybe something can be done.


Performance Specs

Specification Arrow 1 Arrow 2
Wingspan 50'-0" (15.24 m) 50'-0" (15.24 m)
Overall Length 77'-9.65" (23.715 m) 76'-9.65" (23.41 m)
Height 21'-3" (6.477 m) 21'-3" (6.477 m)
Engine P&W J75-P-3 (RL201) and J75-P-5 Orenda PS-13 Iroquois
Dry Thrust 12 500lb (55.6 kN) static (J75) 19 250lb (85.6 kN) static (Iroquois)
Wet Thrust 18 500lb (82.3 kN) static (J75) 26 000lb (115.7 kN) static (Iroquois)
Total Fuel 2897 Imp. Gal. (13170 L) 2897 Imp. Gal. (13170 L)
Usable Fuel 2508 Imp. Gal. (11401.6 L) 2509 Imp. Gal. (11406.1 L)
External Fuel None 500 Imp. Gal. (2273 L) available (external)
Crew 2 (pilot/radar operator) 2 (pilot/radar operator)
Armament None Multiple configurations available


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