Avro Arrow Subcontractors


This page is intended to be a list of the Arrow's subcontractors with picturesand information regarding the subcontractor's contributions.

So here goes with a list of subcontractors (in no particular order, except what I wrote them in):



While it can be argued that Orenda was a part of A. V. Roe, and thereforenot really a subcontractor, we'll forget that and include them here for want ofa better spot.

Orenda still exists, although the name has been retired. Magellan Aerospace now operates the facility - performing component manufacture and repair and overhaul activities on gas turbines.

The first item of interest was sent to me by Gary Purcell. He sent a photoof a cover plate from some Orenda equipment. Gary says:

I believe it to be a cover plate or inspection plate that would have been used on the Orenda engine.The six circles would have been bored out for bolts.On the back of the plate is a number 50805 REV A.This plate was made by Light Alloys LTD.



Dowty, or Dowty Equipment of Canada, Ltd. was the primary contractor forthe main landing gear. It would appear that they also performed some testingon the nose landing gear (manufactured by Jarry Hydraulics).

Dowty Equipment of Canada became Dowty Aerospace Landing Gear - Toronto at some point, likely in the mid 1980s. At this point, both landing gear activities at the plant in Ajax recommenced with the development of the Canadair Challenger landing gear and subsequent derivatives of that aircraft. At the same time, Dowty Hydraulics activity and Dowty propellor overhaul activities were performed ast the Ajax plant. In 1995, TI Group (the owner of the Dowty group of companies at that time) merged the landing gear interests of Dowty with the landing gear interests of the Snecma group of France (primarily an engine and aircraft equipment manufacturer). This created Messier-Dowty, with 50-50 French and English ownership. In 1997, Snecma purchased the English interest in Messier-Dowty making the company 100% French controlled (and 97.5% owned by the French government). In 2005, the Snecma group merged with the Sagem company of France to create a new entity called Safran. The Messier-Dowty company continued unchanged. Visit Messier-Dowty's web site to see what they currently do. I have worked for the Messier-Dowty company since 1995 in a variety of roles.

Below are some pictures from the Dowty archives. Oh - and to save a tidal wave of questions - there are no Arrow related drawings still in the 'archives'. I believe what was existing into the 80s and 90s was sent to the Canada Aviation Museum.

Main Gear On Wing

Main Gear Vibration Rig

Main Gear Undergoing Vibration Test

Main Gear Strength Rig

Nose Gear Drop Test


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