Development of the Avro Arrow


Information on the development of the Avro Arrow

The Avro Arrow, like any aircraft, was not created instantly. No one person jotted some information onto paper that was magically transformed into a fully flyable aircraft. This page begins the task of providing information on the many development efforts that produced the Arrow

This page is founded in memory and recollections of people who were there, who worked the Arrow development programme. The articles here provide a rare look at the enormous amount of work that went on "behind the scenes".


Free Flight Model Testing

Prior to the cutting of metal, and indeed the finalisation of the aerodynamic design of the Arrow, an extensive wind tunnel test program, and freeflight model test program were undertaken. The free flight models were launched from Point Petre into Lake Ontario on the tip of a Nike rocket. A movement is underway to recover these free flight models.

Peter Beadle, a kind reader of this site, has provided a view inside what testing was like at Point Petre during the Arrow's formative years.

Flight Simulator

Development of the Arrow involved the use of an early flight simulator. Not much is published about the simulator, but Richard Geehan was there and he prepared this information.


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