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The Arrow Model Recovery Program made an attempt to search for the models on the weekend of August 15 &16, 1998. However, although the weather was great for most summer activities there was too much wind. We encountered 8 foot waves out on the lake! On Saturday, our boat could not even reach the search area. On Sun, with a CBC news crew following us in another boat, we managed to get out on station but the wind and waves were building and by the time we called off the search we were in 6-8 foot waves again! This was a very disappointing time for us, as we were most confident that we would have been able to complete the side scan sonar phase of the search. We have, since our return uncovered new information about the models which will help us pin point their location much more closely. I am hoping to make another attempt before the season is over.

I would like to tell all your readers that the Aerospace Heritage Foundation of Canada is the only organization which holds the Ontario Government license to search for and recover the models and that anyone else is in violation of the provincial laws that control the recovery of artifacts. With this in mind it is necessary to let your readers know that this project requires money and equipment and that the AHFC is a federally licensed not for profit charitable organization. We need their help with donations, corporate sponsorship, anything that can help us to reach our goal. See our address below.

These models, like the Arrow are an important part of Canadian aviation history! They MUST BE FOUND and returned to the Canadian people so that they can see the achievements of Canadians and might just inspire the younger generation of Canadians to show the rest of the world what Canadians CAN DO!!!

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Robert Saunders

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